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Meet the Family....

Welcome to Twins at Totstime​

My name is Jacqui Dixon; I am a mum of four beautiful girls.  Our eldest is Daisy-May, our twins; Ruby & Penny and our youngest is Ashleigh.  


I am the first in my family to conceive, carry and give birth to twins in over 70 years.  I remember the day that I found out we were expecting twins, I was 9 weeks pregnant and having an early scan due to concerns of a miscarriage.  I had convinced my husband to have 'one more' child.   I lay in the sonographer's room, having a scan with my husband sat beside me.  I could see on the screen two small white 'blobs' and was a bit confused.  It was at that point that the sonographer asked if we had twins in our family.  My face lit up with a huge smile; whilst my husband went as white as a sheet and we have not looked back since!  All three of our girls bring smiles and happiness to our lives every day.  


It has been hard at times, especially the first 13 weeks.  Ruby & Penny both suffered with Reflux and colic, something that I did not experience with Daisy-May.  Learning to adapt our lives to accommodate three children under three years old was a big learning experience.  Fortunately I have a very supportive husband, who makes it possible for me to stay at home and care for our children.  I'm lucky to have such a good family and friends network too.   


Having attended a few different twin groups, I felt the need for a twins group in my area.  I have been attending another twins group and have made some fabulous friends, who I hold very dear to my .  They have been an incredible support in my life, both with my family and my self-esteem.  


At Twins at Totstime you will meet other families of twins and multiples. We have a fantastic group of ladies that join us every week.  The support network that we have formed is amazing.  Come along and see for yourself...

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