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Please find below a few testimonials from those who have joined us for our play sessions: -


"What a find! We are so pleased we have joined you now.  Spencer and Laila look forward every week to coming along and seeing their friends and exploring all the toys.  Your friendly welcome has made it all the more special."

Joanna, Spencer & Laila - family with twins aged 15 months old


"Twins at Totstime has been a life saver.  To spend time with other Twin families who understand.  They have lots of toys for children of all ages to play with.  My boys love it, worth the travelling distance."

Lucy - family with twins aged 1 year old


"Twins at Totstime has been and will continue to be a fantastic place for me to go with the boys.  I have met some fantastic Twin mums here and love how the set-up is and the variety of toys available.  The boys love it and that means I actually get to sit and chat with a nice cup of coffee, while they play.  Bonus part is the mums night out, always look forward to that."

Family with twins aged 21 months old


"Twins at Totstime is a great group for meeting other twin parents.  Everyone is really friendly and it's a lovely environment for the children to play and have lots of fun."

Dawn - family with twins aged 4 months old


"Great group!  Really friendly and welcoming!  Lovely to meet other twin mum's as there is nothing locally for twins in my area.  Refreshing to be able to share stories and problems, and to have supportive and understanding people to open up to.  Harry and Erin love it, especially the singing at the end."

Karen, Harry and Erin - family with twins aged 8 months old from Leicester



"Twins Club is a fab place for parents and babies to go for a hot cup of tea and a chat about experiences and issues that you may be having, that are different to those who have with one.  It's nice to know that others feel the same as you sometimes!!"

Family with twins aged 4 months old


"I love coming to Twins at Totstime, it's so nice to find a group where we all have the same thing in common; 2 babies!!  It's great to swap stories and ask for advice from other mums.  It's lovely for Jack and Adam to be able to have a good run around and mix with other twins.  A great selection of toys, Jack loves the kitchen and Adam loves the trikes."

Family with twins aged 2 years old


"Twins at Totstime is a fantastic playgroup for anyone with multiples.  Everyone is friendly and the room is very safe; meaning you can easily watch 2 toddlers and let them freely play, which is not so easy at other groups.  I wish it was here when my twins were first born.  The best thing is having a hot cup of tea!"

Family with twins aged 21 months old

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