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7 Years of Friendship, Support and Great Memories 💖

Today marks the 7th Year Celebration of Twins at Totstime.  

7 years ago today, I ran my first play session for families with multiples.  I remember I had 5 families attend, three of which were my twin mummy friends supporting my new group.  I’m still very good friends with those incredibly supportive ladies and will forever be grateful to them for their friendship and support - Ros, Carolyn and Kirsty I adore you.

I remember the first few sets of families that we welcomed, Melissa, Joanne, Lucy, Karen.  I remember Gemma being one of the first families that arrived with baby baby twins of 2 weeks old.  

Over the years, I have received fabulous support from personal friends and other twin mums by way of volunteering at the play sessions and committee support.  

We have welcomed over 250 different families with twins and triplets to our play sessions, we have offered friendship, support, an ear and advice to each and every family.  We aim to never judge, never criticise and never appear righteous with our families.  

I’ve always asked our families to help one another and to remember that what might work for one family, may not work for another.  Be respectful of each other and let’s pull together to offer a helping hand.  

It can be really hard to be a parent of twins, walking in to a room where nobody knows you, you feel like all eyes are on you - sometimes as though you have food around your mouth or your flashing your underwear.  It feels like a look of wonder, a look of criticism and sometimes you just want the world to open at your feet and swallow you whole.  But at Twins at Totstime we pride ourselves on being welcoming.  You can rock up with toast in your hair, wearing your pyjama’s and yesterday’s makeup and it won’t matter to us, all that matters is you made it in time for a cuppa.  Sit back, relax and let your little ones play in a safe environment with other twins and triplets.  And if you need a helping hand to do a feed, to do some craft or even to give you two minutes to just go to the toilet in peace, then we have Mummy helpers on hand to help you.  

I want to take a moment to thank all of the families that I have had the great pleasure to meet over the last seven years.  You really have made such an impact on my life, you make me smile, you allow me to help and you are amazing.  Thank you so very much.  

I love to hear from past families, it makes me smile when I see social media posts of the little children I once knew, now becoming great big characters of their own.  Some families have moved on to places new, some have gone on to have more children (yes there is life after twins) and some I still see locally.  

Thank you for everything you guys - you are totally rocking this multiple parent lark!! 

All my love,

Jacqui xx

**Please note**

Over the past 7 years there have been times when I have received some negative comments over how Twins at Totstime is funded and ran.  For the information of anyone who wishes to know, Twins at Totstime is a self-funded VOLUNTARY organisation, not me nor any of the volunteers that help run Twins at Totstime (nor Totstime for that matter) receive any payments for running the play sessions.  All monies received pay for room hire, toys, play session events and consumables.

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